My Simple Hack for Additional Freezer Shelf-space

Cheap & Easy Freezer Storage Hack. Thanks for sharing.

If you’re like me, then you probably try to fit more into your freezer than it can easily fit. When I open the door, I’m frequently assaulted by bags of frozen peas or loaves of bread. One day it dawned on me that my freezer would be much more user-friendly if I had additional shelves. Unfortunately a quick google search revealed that each additional shelf for my Kenmore freezer/fridge would cost me about $25, per shelf, plus shipping.

Being cheap frugal, I decided to wait on getting additional shelves. Then one fateful day, as I was freezing a batch of chocolate chip cookies (not sure if freezing cookies is the BEST or WORST idea) I realized that a quarter sheet pan perfect fit into the space of my shelf. It turns out that the 13” length of a quarter sheet pan makes a perfect diy fridge shelf.

The perfect DIY freezer shelf, a quarter sheet baking pan
The perfect DIY freezer shelf, a quarter sheet baking pan

Here is a link to the sheet pan that fits my Kenmore side by side freezer perfectly. Of course if you have a quarter sheet pan lying around the kitchen, this would be a free fridge upgrade. Let me know if this worked in your freezer or if you have any other tips to keep your freezer organized using the comments below.

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