Living a Simpler Life

It seems like everyone is decluttering or minimizing. From Pinterest boards with inspirational quotes about minimalism to books that claim to . Everyone and everything seems geared towards less. And while I admire those that have been able to successfully minimize, I find that for myself I am aiming for simplicity. I want to live a simpler life and not waste time striving for perfection. I want to enjoy each moment and not constantly be looking for ways to get to that perfect, unattainable destination.

A Simpler Life is the Path rather than the Destination

Life is a process – it is messy, complicated and definitely not static – at least it is at our house. As a result, even if it were possible for the house to be *perfect* today (not that has ever happened to us, there are always closets, storage containers, drawers, that are FAR from perfect), it doesn’t stay that way. But rather than resigning ourselves to the mess, we are constantly trying out new ways to streamline procedures that make life at home simpler. This task has become easier as we acknowledged that there is no one magic bullet – no quote or book – that would simplify life for us. Instead, we have to embrace the messes and the changes and figure out a way to work with what we have now and what where we want to be.

Here are a few simple actions that have simplified our home life:

  1. Plan meals
  2. Put important events on the calendar first
  3. Shop for groceries only once a week
  4. Automated routine purchases with Amazon’s Shop & Save program
  5. Establish routines for everything

What sort of ideas have you implemented in your home to make life simpler?

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