How I earned more than $1,000 online effortlessly

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Doesn’t that sound great, almost too good to be true? Earning money online is such a wonderful concept. And the wonderful thing is that this case, it is absolutely true. I have earned over $1,000 online and it was almost effortless. But before I tell you exactly how I was able to earn this much online, check out the screenshot showing my total earnings of $1,230.09.

Ebates cashback summary
My EBATES history showing Lifetime Cash Back of more than $1,000.

So now for the How To… and the catch. Yes, I’m sorry to say that there is indeed a catch – but you knew there had to be, right? In this case, the caveat is that these earnings were accumulated over the course of 8 years. But don’t let that stop you, this is still such a simple, almost effortless process, it is still worth doing.

How did I actually do it?

I earned this money by using* every time I shop online. All I have to do is start my shopping spree at the* website; search for the store or item I need to purchase (this even works for online orders with store pickups) and follow the link to the participating store websites to complete my purchase. Ebates* tracks my purchase and rewards me with cash back. And while the percentages are low and therefore does not net me a whole lot every month, only about $10-15, it adds up over time. In fact it added up to over $1,200 with virtually NO work on my part. So whenever I shop online, I start at* and then search for the store or item I want.

If you don’t have an ebates* account yet and you do ANY online shopping, sign up here* to earn money online every time. It’s an easy way to get a bit of cash back and even snag a coupon without having to scour the internet for promo codes that never seem to work.

*These are referral links. If you sign up for a new account and use it, you will receive a bonus gift from ebates and so will I. This is the first time I’m sharing my  referral link, so all of the cashback I reported in the screenshot above is only from online purchases, not from any referral bonuses.

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