How do you know when the laundry is done drying?

How do you know when the laundry is done drying?

This question, when posed by my friend as she looked at my laundry hanging on the line on the patio, seemed almost absurd. And at first I assumed it had been asked in jest, but looking at my friend’s face, I could tell she was entirely serious.

That got me thinking, how do I know when the laundry is dry? After all, there is no convenient BEEP or CHIME to indicate everything is ready to be taken down and folded.

In this case, I believe it is a combination of my mother’s teaching and my own experiences. I remember watching my mother and grandmothers hanging up the laundry when I was little and then also helping as I got older (and tall enough to reach the line). But if my mother and grandmothers didn’t hang laundry, would I have learned this? It seems like such a little thing, but only because I have the experience, only because I already know.

When do you know that the laundry is dry?
When do you know that the laundry is dry?

So I started thinking … HOW MANY other pieces of SIMPLE knowledge do I take for granted? 

And even more importantly, how many am I unaware of because I don’t know what I don’t know? There are so many tricks and pearls of wisdom that make life easier, just waiting to be discovered. But it’s like hindsight – until you learn about these ideas, you just don’t know what you are missing. That’s why I love the internet. I love browsing through Pinterest, looking for those brilliant ideas that are so obvious once you know.

Here at SimpleEfforts, I’m collecting all the things I’ve learned over time, from friends, from family, from experience, from failure and of course from others on the internet. The things I write about here are the things I wish I had learned early and things that I am glad I finally figured out. Because it’s the Simple Efforts that often bring the biggest rewards. 

But back to the original question, When is the laundry dry???

In case you read this far, the laundry is dry when it’s dry. That might sound silly, but unlike a dryer, where you don’t want to leave the clothing in too long, all you need to do is periodically touch the clothing to see if they are dry. Once they are, you can take them off the line, fold them, and put them away 🙂

What obvious thing have you learned that you wished you had known earlier? Please share in the comments below.

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