How a $40 item is saving us thousands of dollars

Having young children, we have come to realize that the hardest part about it is that you always seem to be sleep-deprived. Complicating the situation for us was the fact that our mattress was old and lumpy. We resigned ourselves to sleeping on a sub-par mattress until the kids had outgrown morning snuggles and diapers. However, when I was pregnant with #2, we realized that with our co-sleeping habit and my growing belly, we needed to upgrade our queen mattress for a king-sized mattress. While we love our new mattress, we were terrified that one leaky diaper would ruin it. We needed a way to protect the money we were putting into a new mattress. By protecting the mattress we are saving money, since it will last longer.

How we protect our mattress

A cheap way to protect an expensive investment. Thanks for sharing.

So we set out to protect our investment by purchasing a waterproof mattress protector. You are probably imagining a stiff, non-breathable plastic layer, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We found this on Amazon and it works better than we could hope. Once the protector sheet is put on the bed and covered by a regular fitted sheet, you cannot even tell it’s there. It doesn’t seem to trap the heat, so it is comfortable both in the summer and winter. And it has passed the waterproof tests that my children have submitted it to as well. In the past year, we’ve had multiple diaper leaks and actually several bed-wetting accidents on our bed yet our mattress is still pristine.

So if you want to protect your mattress from leaks and spills, get yourself a waterproof  mattress protector sheet. It’s an inexpensive way to protect your mattress.

In addition of protecting our mattress investment, the waterproof mattress protector has also saved us a lot of time. Now when there is a leak or spill, we only have to pull of the sheets and wash them. We don’t have to blot up the stains, attempt a mattress cleanup and wait for the mattress to dry.

This is such a wonderful item to have, that I would encourage anyone to put it on their baby registry. It is not as much fun as cute baby clothing or toys, but it is so much more useful. Let us know if you have other inexpensive *insurances* for more expensive items in the comments below.


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