Why we only buy groceries once a week

Why we only buy groceries once a week.

Saving time was the main reason that moved us towards a Once-A-Week-Grocery habit. But now that we have, I’m finding there are many more benefits.

Why we only buy groceries once a week.
Why we only go to the grocery store once a week.

We buy the majority of our groceries at two stores: Trader Joe’s and Costco. And both stores are about 20 minutes from our house. For every trip we are able skip, we are essentially saving 40 minutes of time otherwise spent in the car driving. And that doesn’t even include the time that would’ve been spent in the store. Since time seems to be in short supply, this was the initial impetus for our Once-A-Week-Grocery habit.

Besides saving time by having a Once-A-Week-Grocery habit, I’m finding there are many benefits I hadn’t considered before we began.

Benefits of buying groceries once a week

  1. Less time spent driving – more time to do other things as well as less wear and tear on the car.
  2. Grocery purchases are more intentional – when going only once a week, a good shopping list is essential.
  3. Meal planning is easier to implement – this is really in combination with #2 on the list. If you are making intentional purchases, you need to know what is going to be served, so you need a meal plan.
  4. Less food is wasted – we have noticed that as we are more intentional in our purchases, less food is spoiling before we are able to use it.
  5. Fewer impulse purchases – even though we still sometimes go ‘off list’, with fewer shopping trips, there are fewer occurrences.


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